How to Apply

Application Steps

Clean surface, then sand using the diamond-embedded sanding tool (included).

Roll on the adhesive base coat (included); spray wetting agent (included).

Evenly spread decorative chips using the chip dispenser (included) and let dry overnight.

Remove excess decorative chips using the chip scraper (included) and then smooth the surface with the diamond-embedded sanding tool (included).

Roll on the 2-part protective top coat (included). Allow to dry. Countertops ready for light use in 48 hours. Fully cured in 7 days.


Quick Facts

Ideal For Residential kitchen or bathroom countertops, bar tops, tables and more
Use Interior
Adheres to Laminate (including wood and metal trim)
Kit Coverage Large Kit - Up to 50 square feet (20 linear ft.),
Small Kit - Up to 30 square ft. (12 linear ft.)
Active Project Time 4 to 6 hours
Total Project Time 2 days (including drying time)
Light Use Ready 48 hours
Full Use Ready Cures fully in 7 days

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